Keble gave me the chance to widen my horizons. Coming from a deprived part of Scotland Keble opened up a wealth of new opportunities: new sports to try (rowing!), new people to meet and new things to learn. Keble changed me and whilst I can’t ever repay that I donate and help in other ways so that others can have that opportunity too.

Mike Wallace,(2003)

My time at Keble remains very special to me not least because of the academic opportunity, but also because of the incredible connections and friendships I have made, many of which continue to this day. Keble remains a unique nurturing environment for students from all backgrounds to develop and grow in confidence and individuality, as I did. The opportunity to make a positive contribution and give something back to the college is something I am passionate about. I take great pride in being part of this unique community.

Lisa Weston-Mangion,(1997)